• Sarcoptic Mange

    • Diagnosis: Skin scrapings, blood test, biopsy
    • Dog: Previous skin scrapings show no evidence.  Previous spot on and Ivermiticin treatment.  Other dog is healthy
  • Demodex Manage

    • Skin scrapings, biopsy

  • Fleas

    • Diagnosis: Visual inspection, inspection of combings under microscope
    • Dog: Never seen any evidence of fleas, previous spot on treatments would of addressed any fleas. Dog does not wear flea collar or use spot on medicine
  • Cheyletiellosis (Walking Dandruff)

    • Visual inspection, inspection of combings/tapings under microscope for eggs.  Fecal exam for eggs

  • Internal Parasites?

    • Could any type of internal parasite cause the problem?

    • Dog: Does not get regular deworming pills.  Feces are tested on a regular basis for parasites.  Dog eats raw food (chicken,beef, turkey, pheasant, eggs)


  • Diet Deficiencies

    • Diagnosis: Testing for nutritional deficiencies, change food.
    • Dog: Fed BARF diet entire life


  • Food Allergies

    • Dog as no ear infections, no paw issues, no anal irritation, has good stools, no gas or indigestion
  • Environmental Allergies

    • Dog frequently gets red belly rashes when in grass/field

Fungus Infections

  • Ringworm (Dermatophytosis)

    • Hair loss is symetrical

Congenital and Inherited Skin Disorders

Secondary Infections

  • Bacterial Infections

  • Viral Infections

  • Yeast Infections

Auto-immune disorders