Healthy Dog Treats

These treats are in order of preference. Do not buy treats from the pet store. Do not give your dog rawhide. Keep track of how much you feed, this should be calculated in your total food/calories each day. For each meat meal I typically do a training session with the dogs meat. When I am down to only a small handful, I mix all the other ingredients and serve to them in the bowl.

Chicken Liver

Purchase a package of chicken livers. Cut each liver into pieces about the size of a postage stamp (about 4 pieces per liver). Place on a cooking sheet and bake in pre-heated oven at lowest heat for 10 minutes. Place in container and put in the refrigerator.

Ideally you use the liver raw, but this is a mess. I use raw liver pieces only in the house when training.

Chicken Hearts

Cut the hearts into pieces the size of sugar cubes. Keep refrigerated until used

Hot Dogs

Find hot dogs that are chicken/turkey/beef based. Do not use pork. Find ones that do not have fillers


Provolone, Edam, Gouda or Swiss cheese. Cut into small pieces half the size of sugar cubes. Do not use cheese too much, it can cause diarrhea in some dogs