What should I use for training treats?

  • It is important to use not only healthy/balanced treats but to to also use treats that you dog can chew and enjoy quickly.  
  • You must not forget that treats add calories to your dogs diet and you can easily cause unwanted weight gain.

Treats we recommend

  • Their daily homemade food.  This is not always convenient due to the messy nature of it
  • Homemade liver/eggs/oatmeal treats (this is well balanced nutritional treat that is dry)
  • Raw chicken hearts cut in quarters (limit this treat due to the inbalance of it being all protien/phosphorus)
  • Moist kibble/granular (this is not in addition to but extracted from their normal daily food)

Treats we do not recommend

  • Dry kibble/granular. It takes too long for the dog to chew and therefore is distracting to training.
  • Hotdogs/sausages.  Too much unhealthy fillers
  • Cheese.  Causes gas, indegestion and diahrea
  • All commercial treats purchased in the pet store.  99% of these treats are simply unhealhy for your dog