How to Train Your Dog to Pay Attention

Spit Food at Your Dog

If he doesn't catch it, don't let him pick it up or go back to the spot on the floor to lick it. It's a game of spit and catch with hot dogs. It won't take long for him to stare at your face with great intensity.

Speak Softly

If you speak softly your dog will need to pay closer attention, not to mention this is an excellent habbit. Your dog can hear better than you, speak softly.

Change Direction on Lead

In the house

Put a short lead on your dog and attach it to your belt loop. Walk around your house and don't pay attention to your dog. Just go about your business and drag him around. It won't take him long to start paying attention to your every move. Do this for 15 minute intervals.


Place your dog on a short leash and go for a walk on a grass field. When walking suddenly change diretion, won't look at your dog or say anything. Don't jerk too hard on the leash when turning, you don't want to hurt him. Do not do this using a choke or prong collar.