Pring Collar

When to wear a prong / pinch collar

We recommend that you have a pinch collar on your dog whenever on leash and during training with the exception of water retrieves where there is the possibility of getting caught on branches. Take the collar off when the dog is at home or in the kennel for it could be uncomfortable when the dog is lying down.

Rules for using a prong / pinch collar

  • Make sure it fits correctly. It should not be so loose that it can slide over the dogs head. You need to separate the prongs to install it. In the relaxed positon the chain should be fully extended but snug. When pulling on the chain it should instantly tighten up on the dogs neck.
  • Never jerk the leash hard. There is no need to jerk like a traditional collar. if you pull too hard you could cause a serious pinch to the skin
  • Don't use in water where there are branches or sticks that the collar could get caught on

Choosing a prong / pinch collar

Pinch collars come in many different sizes and materials. There are a few things to consider when when makeing your decision.


Most pinch collars are made of stainless steel. If you have a fair haired dog the coating will wear off on your dogs fur and discolor it. There are collars that are corogan coated to prevent this problem.


Measure your dogs neck and purchase a collar that is 2 inches longer. When you get the collar you can adjust the size be removing prongs.


Purchase the best quality one you can find. The price difference between the most expensive and medium quality is $10. Don't skimp on this item.



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