Fish Oils


Manufacturer Notes Anchovy & Sardine Oil Cod Liver Oil Salmon Oil Krill Wheat Germ Oil Flaxseed Oil
Iceland Pure Excellent Products. Pet Oils Molecularly Distilled
Aluminum Bottle
Molecularly Distilled
Aluminum Bottle
Molecularly Distilled
Aluminum Bottle
-- -- --
Monica Segal
Natures Answer Human Oils Molecularly Distilled
Glass Bottle
Molecularly Distilled
Glass Bottle
Hunter Pet Oil. Looks similar to Iceland Pure Aluminum Bottle Aluminum Bottle
Kronch Pet Oils
Sold in plastic bottles and the oils are not molecularly distilled. Do not use this product

Cold Pressed
Not Molecular Distilled
Plastic Bottles

Carlson Looks like cheap human grade oils. Most have flavoring added
NOW Human Oils NOW Foods Omega-3
Contains fish (sardines,
anchovies) and soy derivatives
Molecularly Distilled None Capsules Cold Pressed Cold Pressed

Source Naturals

Human Oils. The manufacturer does not state that their oils are molecularly distilled. Their ingredients are generic. I don't trust them. Fish Oil - No info on what fish in ingredients Capsules
Unknown how processed

Oils can be molecular distilled using different types of solvents, hexane or ethanol, where ethanol is desirable
If in capsule form, get gelatine capsules not bovine
Derived from the body of the fish not the liver



Where to Buy

Czech Republic