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    • Chicken Bones (Calcium and Toxic Content)
      • Chicken bones have about 7% moisture
      • Chicken bones have about 30% calcium
      • Chicken bones have a 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus
    • Based on this information, the following can be deducted from chicken bones as a source of calcium.

A broiler chicken is on average 1336 grams (usda), and of that 28% is bone giving us 318 grams of bone. Of this 7% is moisture, leaving 308 grams of bone total. Take 30% of that and you get your calcium content, giving you 92.4 grams of calcium. There is a 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the bones, meaning that, there is effectively 46.2 grams of potential calcium in the entire skeleton of a chicken.

A dressed chicken broiler has 2218 mg of phosphorus and 134 mg grams of calcium.

2218 mg (chicken meat and skin) + 46,200 mg (bones) = 48,418 milligrams of phosphorus
134mg (chicken meat & skin) + 92,534 mg (bones) = 92,668 miligrams of calcium

This gives us a 1.91:1 ration of Ca/P

  • In vitro bioavailability of calcium from chicken bone extract powder and its fortified products
    • Abstract

      Chicken bone extract powder (BEP) is an alternative inexpensive calcium source. It is rich in calcium (30 g/100 g) and contains a Ca : P ratio of 2 : 1, but the bioavailability of its calcium is not known. The objective of this study was to determine calcium bioavailability of BEP and BEP-fortified products using an in vitro equilibrium dialysis method. The effects of phytate and dietary fiber from food products on the calcium bioavailability of BEP were evaluated. The results showed that BEP exhibited excellent calcium bioavailability. It showed higher bioavailable calcium than milk and several calcium fortificants. Although phytate and dietary fiber had a negative effect on calcium bioavailability BEP showed the lowest effect among all calcium sources. The BEP-fortified bakery products were well accepted and not significantly different in appearance, taste and texture from non-fortified products.


  • In units of grams per centimeters cubed, chicken bones contain approximately 3.2 gm of calcium phosphate, 1.0 gm of collagen and 1.0 gm of water.