Tone of your commands

The tone of each command you give to your dog is VERY important.   Don't ignore this vital aspect of communicating with your dog.

Action Commands (Sit, Down, Come)

Medium tone.  It should not be agressive, loud or in an angry tone.  Say it like you expect action, you are not asking, don't plead, don't repeat yourself.  

Undesirable Action Correction (Eh Eh) 

Sharp, uncommon sound.  I recommend the command Eh Eh.  Do not use the word No, this is too common in our language.   Do not use the the Ceasar Milan "Shhhjjj" command because you can not use this command at any distance.

Bad Behavior Correction (Fuj, Ahhhhh)

Deep tone or abnormal tone. These commands should sound unhappy and as deep as you can make it.  There is no need to be agressive just a deep strong sound that is clearly different than your action and praise commands.  A very unhappy dog makes deep sounds (growls)

Vocal Praise (Good boy/girl, Wooo Wooo)

High, happy voice. Choose one and stick with it.  This is something you will use for the life of the dog and as a substitue for a clicker.