Hazards of Chemicals and your pets

For pet products, there are no regulations regarding pet safety and chemicals. The vast majority of pet products contain heavy metals and or toxic chemicals.3

Over 70,000 chemicals were in use in the United States in 2002 according to the TSCA Chemical Substances Inventory.1

Of these 70,000 chemicals, only 2% have been tested for safety with our pets and of the 2,000 that has been tested 50% show evidence of being carcinogens.

Study concludes that chemicals are polluting our pets at alarming levels. Up to 30x higher than accepted human levels2.

Based on this information, you should treat every single chemical as being highly hazardous to your pets.

  • Avoid all household chemicals at all times
  • Double rinse floors after washing them and keep pets away as long as possible
  • Do not purchase any pet toys. Buy toys from a toy store for children.
  • Make your own collars and leashes (old belts for collars and nylon or rope from the local home supply store)
  • Create bedding using cotton materials (no foam)
  • Use glass bowls inserted into a wooden holder (stainless steel bowls, plastic and ceramic bowls (with lead), emit toxins.
  • Don't let your pet chew anything that is plastic
  • Use only homemade shampoo
  • Do not use spot on parasite prevention medications
  • Do not use tick or flea collars
  • Store water on trips in glass or aluminum bottles, not plasti
  • Never use hot water from the tap, only cold water for cooking or drinking water
  • Buy the most expensive water filter you can afford


2 (offline pdf)


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