To begin training the back left and back right command, I like to start in the house.  Take a board or an old door that is at least 2 feet tall and lay it on the floor.  Then take a chair and put it on its side on the left hand side.  

Put the dog on a long leash and sit him at the end of the chair and board.  

___________________________________ wall
            board   |

    |                    |
    |                    |
    |   Chair       |

                  |            |
                  |  DOG  |
                       |    |





Then throw a bumper on the right side behind the dog.  Wait 1 second, and give the back command with the back hand signal. 

Because the chair is on the right side of the dog, it makes it impossible for him to turn to the right to get the bumper

Do this10 times and then move the chair to the left side of the dog and throw on the left side and repeat 10 times.  Do this for 2-3 sessions.

When he is reliably turning the correct way, we want to now teach him to go the direction I tell him, not where the last bumper was thrown.

We first get him use to us throwing two dummies and he gets one.  So throw one to the left, wait 1 second, and then throw to the right, wait 1 second and then signal for him to get the one on the right.  Do this for 1-2 sessions.

Then we will now mix it up and this will be the most difficult part of the training for the dog.  Throw a bumper to the right side, wait 1 second, throw a bumper to the left side, wait 1 second and then send him to the right.  He most likely will go for the one on the left because that was the last one thrown.  Just pull him back with the long leash, give an eh eh, and pick up the bumpers and start over.  This time give a lot of body motion to influence him to go to the right.

Once he starts to get this, you should do it for 3-4 sessions going back and forth from side to side until he reliable.  Then you need to start using only hand signals and only voice signals so that he understands that either one alone is all he needs.

If his drive is low, try adding food to the training where you will give him a treat after he returns, delivers to your hand and sits for 2 seconds.

Next I take two pieces of vine grate and replace the board and chair with this.  This allows the dog to clearly see both dummies and now he really has to decide where should he go, it makes it much harder for him.  

Next remove the grate that blocks him from turning the wrong way.  But always have the long leash on him.

Don't be tempted to remove the dividing grate, he isn't ready and you don't want him to be successful in getting it before you can stop him.

After a few sessions, he should be ready to go to the field for the next training setup.

Expected Training Time: 2-5 days