Kamila Pichova Emailed Directions
2,5 yers old yellow show lab - bitch. WT L

Stepan Tutter


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Boyfriend of Kamila, has approximately 5 year old black show lab - bitch. This dog as a healthy problems, but they are thinking about another dog in the future, so for him is to get more knowledge. Newer on WT
Lenka Bejckova Show GR, dog. - beginner. Very sensitive girl. 
Katka Bakosova Emailed Directions
show GR, dog. She is very sensitive, never any force. She is more interested in hunting tests, she needs handling for the discipline - 2 ducks in the water.... 
Miroslav Uherek Emailed Directions
Flat Coat Retriever

Jitka Chudackova


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Flat Coat Retriever
Romana Flat Coat Retriever